About us

Located adjacent to the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, Eaglesensing was founded in 2014, as a company to develop solutions for crop management problems in large scale plantations, utilizing proprietary software created to derive maximum value from aerial photographs and GPS data.
Since then, we have greatly expanded the utility of our analysis protocols for use in many geographies and industries as varied as agriculture, real estate, asset management, forestry, infrastructure, mining, and insurance.

We specialize in translating complex GIS data into user friendly, utilitarian formats and are therefore able to assist our clients in all stages of data interpretation and application.
We offer data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, advanced industry-specific analytics and a platform to enable our clients to derive maximum value from all data outputs.

Whilst you will find various specializations within our team, what binds us is a passion for observing, analyzing and interpreting all that grows or is constructed on our planet.

Our mission is to assist clients in making the maximum use of extensive telemetric data to solve complex problems with precise, real-world solutions.