Mining operations are complex and need considerable investments in capital, labor and energy. To secure returns on these investments, accurate and timely information about the surroundings of the area are a pre-requisite. This sort of data is essential in all of the stages in which we support you:

  • Initial phase;
  • Operational phase;
  • Mine closing phase.

We provide you with thematic site maps retrieved from high-resolution satellite images. With our maps we give you a detailed image of the site you selected for your mining operations. This includes a complete inventory of nearby settlements, waterways, roads, and habitats.

If you are selecting a site for mining, analyzing relevant environmental factors is of great importance. We provide you with topographical data, such as slope, contour lines, DEM and shaded relief map, as well as flood risk analyses. We provide this data in formats that are directly compatible with software applications used for detailed mine planning projects. With our Flood Risk Analysis Tools you can visualize areas that are vulnerable for flood risks and estimate the frequency of these events. 

We use high accuracy 3D measurements to indicate pile volume changes. Changes in pile volume are the result of tons of soil and rocks that are moved every day. Mine administration therefore monitors operations by quantifying the amount of moved mass.

Ground motion and surface deformations are a prime concern for abandoned and active mining sites. By monitoring changes in slopes and surface height we can detect instabilities which can pose a serious risk to people, equipment, and man-made structures. We provide maps that help identify active faults, slope movements and to monitor accelerations, surface uplifts and subsidence.

Mine reclamation is an important phase of a mining operation. Documentation is needed to effectively decommission and remediate a mine site. First, we support you through the environmental impact assessment for the executed operations on habitats. Second, we guide your through possible mine closing and the forthcoming environmental recovery process. Detailed vegetation mapping can be carried out to yield detailed characteristics of vegetation allowing for mine reclamation.